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what is a brand ambassador

What Is a Brand Ambassador?


When addressing what is a brand ambassador, we may start by describing it as a person who promotes and advertises a business, backs up its deals, and acts as the verbal and nonverbal embodiment of the business’s corporate identity. Brand ambassadors frequently have extensive experience discussing the brand online and offline, and they are not required to meet certain requirements to hold the role.

The following are some of their most significant traits:

  • Their responsibility is to establish and maintain the connection between the company’s offer and the consumer.
  • Brand ambassadors may be found on a variety of channels, including social media, forums, websites, and platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and much more.
  • Brand ambassadors fully utilize social media platforms to advertise their chosen business.
  • Brand ambassadors are also frequently employed for employer branding, and provide measurable results with their campaigns. They are essential to advancing the employer’s brand in its marketing plan.
  • They are multifaceted influencers of different sizes, from a variety of specialist areas, and most likely have 1 million or more followers.
  • They assist organizations in achieving a variety of objectives, including enhancing income and sales, increasing conversion rates, raising brand recognition, connecting them with their target audience, and much more.

Here at the Top Influencer Marketing Agency, we have put up a comprehensive summary of brand ambassadors and their key traits to help you better understand what is a brand ambassador, what their primary job duties are, and why companies like them.


1. What is the definition of a brand ambassador?


what is a brand ambassador


To start understanding what is a brand ambassador, we have to first mention that it is usually a person hired by a business or organization to positively represent the brand, hence boosting sales and brand awareness. An individual who is supposed to exemplify the business identity in terms of look, behavior, values, and ethics is typically referred to as a brand ambassador.

Although the definition of “brand ambassador” has evolved, it now usually refers to self- or personal brand management along with celebrity branding and company advertising.

Some of their essential traits include:

  • Anyone knowledgeable about or adept at spotting certain brand requirements can serve as a brand ambassador.
  • Brand ambassadors are thought of as the main salespeople for a commodity or service that is being offered.
  • Due to their role as the go-to person when consumers have inquiries, they must continue to be knowledgeable about the business they are promoting.
  • It is the responsibility of the brand ambassador to provide results through different channels of communication, whether they are utilized informally or formally, such as social media, email, and other one-on-one networks.
  • A brand ambassador is also known as a positive spokesperson, an opinion leader, or a social influencer and functions as an internal or outside agent to boost brand awareness and improve sales of products or services.
  • The major attribute of brand ambassadors is their ability to use promotional strategies that will enhance the customer-product-service relationship and convince a large audience to buy and consume more.


1.1. What types of brand ambassadors exist?


what is a brand ambassador


When addressing what is a brand ambassador, we may start by identifying the different types of these individuals. There are typically two types of people working as brand ambassadors, and they represent the following groups:

a) Celebrities or influencers

Celebrities are regularly chosen to represent prestigious luxury companies with large marketing expenditures. Celebrities who are chosen to represent a brand as brand ambassadors frequently include singers, actors, athletes, socialites, and entrepreneurs. A-list celebrities are typically available to larger corporations to act as brand ambassadors. For example,  Roger Federer was notably chosen by Rolex, a famous Swiss luxury watch business, to represent their brand. Smaller-scale influencers called micro-influencers are also often hired. and make up a huge portion of brand ambassador projects.

b) Regular individuals

Businesses frequently use regular people to represent their brands. Many brands are looking to connect with these people since they frequently have a small-to-medium-sized network and/or a following on social media. College students are a typical example of brand ambassador that fits into this group. Professional service companies like legal and accountancy firms frequently engage college students as advocates. College students are frequently used by these groups as ambassadors to spread the word about the company and its activities among their peers. Other examples include large apparel companies hiring youngsters and teens for photo shoots for their kids’ collections or hiring regular people to demonstrate the adaptability and accessibility of particular items.


2. What is the role of a brand ambassador?


what is a brand ambassador


During their employment, brand ambassadors are required to do a variety of usual tasks, some of which are listed below:

2.1. Emphasize and advertise the company’s products and offerings

We can’t identify what is a brand ambassador without analyzing their key professional duties. A brand ambassador’s primary responsibility is to spread the positive word about the company’s products and services to their social media followers as well as to friends, families, and others in their communities. To do this, the corporation educates the public about its goods through presentations, films, blog entries, etc. Additionally, it is frequently accomplished through the development of online or offline content material, such as blogs, newsletters, videos, photographs, product evaluations, and more.

2.2. Create Sales Leads

Building relationships with clients and suppliers is one of a brand ambassador’s main duties to create sales leads. Hiring a brand ambassador is ultimately intended to boost income, enhance sales, and help companies get the most out of their marketing investments. If their income is commission-based, brand ambassadors are more likely to concentrate on this component instead when they work on fixed salaries.

2.3. Participate in promotional events

Brand ambassadors may be requested to attend a variety of advertising events, such as trade shows, product releases, and other business meetings, to promote the company’s goods, including its products, services, and more. They recognize the importance of networking, socializing with event attendees and event creators, and spreading positive awareness of the brand they work for and its advertising purposes.

2.4. Projects involving acting and modeling


what is a brand ambassador


A brand ambassador could occasionally be asked to appear in or model promotional materials made by the business. This covers pamphlets, TV commercials, and billboards. Company ambassadors are frequently the key protagonists in photo shoots or promotional videos that brands normally incorporate as part of their marketing and advertising campaigns since they serve as the faces of the brand and everything it stands for.

2.5. Answering queries

The brand ambassador frequently serves as the initial point of contact for inquiries from potential customers they engage in or influence. The ambassador must continue to have a thorough understanding of the business and its offerings to perform this responsibility. The ambassador should be aware of the organization’s mission, objectives, and daily activities.  Of course, this is typically difficult to accomplish when brand ambassadors are among the most well-known and well-liked celebrities in the world. But even then, in cooperation with the brand they represent, these celebrities can plan press conferences or television appearances and use those occasions to talk about the brand and field questions about it directly.


3. What benefits may brand ambassadors provide for brands?


what is a brand ambassador


When discussing what is a brand ambassador, we have to first understand that working with brand ambassadors has several advantages. Whether they are famous individuals, macro, micro, or any other kind of influencers and advocates, they are a great asset to engage with and benefit companies in a variety of ways. Some of the most relevant benefits of having brand ambassadors are:

a) Brand ambassador programs are quite economical

Numerous well-known global corporations, like Nike, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and others, run ambassador programs to promote their key goods, recent releases, events, and special offers. Even without a formal program, brand ambassadors already extol the virtues of the company’s merchandise. They just ask for free promotion, their samples, or other sought-after rewards in exchange. When dealing with celebrity ambassadors, however, they frequently charge for their product promotions, but corporations still reap the rewards and get significant ROI.

b) Brand ambassadors communicate pertinently

The possibility that the correct audience will consume at the right moment rises with targeted advertising. Brands not only get direct access to more customers when they promote their products through brand ambassador initiatives, but they also engage the correct consumers. Because brand ambassadors already adore the company’s merchandise, their friends are probably going to be curious about it as well.

c) Brand ambassadors can create closer connections with devoted customers


what is a brand ambassador


When companies launch brand ambassador programs, they’re building a community of their most loyal customers, and that group keeps expanding. Ambassadors do not exist independently or apart from the brand’s client base. They frequently already have the best consumers, and when they post content, they engage their audience with the companies.

d) Brand ambassadors possess excellent consumer understanding

The company’s brand ambassadors are knowledgeable about their company’s products, marketing strategies, and market positioning. Ambassadors may offer insightful consumer feedback on how to improve, potential new growth areas, and what customers want. Brand ambassadors are the most devoted and valued brand supporters; they are aware of consumer trends and should be employed wisely.

e) Brand ambassador programs are quantifiable marketing strategies

Social media platforms have taken over as the primary medium for human interaction as the digital era has grown. In contrast to the rise in popularity of ad-blocking software, social media sites like Facebook and Instagram allow users to publicly share their activities and interests with other people. Brand ambassador programs, therefore, become increasingly effective marketing tools as more and more individuals utilize these platforms to interact with others.


3.1. What are the disadvantages of working with brand ambassadors?


what is a brand ambassador


As advantageous as brand ambassador programs could be, working with brand ambassadors can also have some disadvantages. Here are some of the more significant ones:

a) The brands do not always have control over their ambassadors

Although corporations can be meticulous in their search for brand ambassadors who are trustworthy, competent, and represent all of the company’s greatest qualities, brands can never fully control what their ambassador does. Therefore, brands must be prepared to put their faith in the most competent ambassadors. When the brand ambassador has a significant public presence outside of their affiliation with the company’s business, this loss of authority can be a particular problem.

  • Example:

Tiger Woods is a good demonstration of this; as per About Sports, the golfer’s endorsement agreements with AT&T and Accenture are believed to have been terminated as a result of his confession of marital infidelity in 2009.

b) Brand ambassadors could become overly devoted to the company they represent


what is a brand ambassador


An extremely well-known brand ambassador may become inextricably linked to the brand, keeping them and their interests intimately interwoven. This is somehow related to the previous drawback.  Sometimes these commercial relationships might go sour and end up being unnecessary or irrelevant for the brand and its operations. Sometimes brand ambassadors serve as the primary spokesperson for a company for many years; however, when the time comes for that connection to cease or alter, complications arise that threaten the viability and future of the company.


  • Example:

For instance, Subway was exposed in 2015 when Jared Fogle, a longstanding ambassador for the company, was found guilty of having child pornography, and finally received a 15-year conviction in federal prison. The following incident offers businesses a helpful lesson on the value of expanding their network of brand advocates, even if Subway’s founder and director Fred DeLuca had told Inc. in 2013 that Jared Fogle had been a major contributory factor to the company’s success.

c) Brand advocates could cast a shadow on the company

The issue of a brand ambassador’s reputation vying with or even surpassing the brand is the reverse of the issue of brand ambassadors being entangled in controversy by associations. At some point, particularly with extremely well-known individuals who hold the position of brand ambassadors, these people may become more relevant and popular than the brand itself, placing more emphasis on their personal brand and reputation than on their professional connections and advertising roles.

  • Example:

This may be considered to have been the case with Paris Hilton’s affiliation with Fila sportswear, regardless of whether the American celebrity and TV personality made the greatest choice for a company that purported to be sporty.


4. How do brands find brand ambassadors?


what is a brand ambassador


Finding brand ambassadors helps many businesses foster the authenticity and confidence that paid advertisements cannot deliver. But, when defining what is a brand ambassador, we have to say that finding brand ambassadors, though, may be quite challenging, especially with smaller-sized brands and new businesses. As the price of digital advertising on search engines and social media keeps rising, businesses are shifting away from conventional marketing tactics, and advertising is just getting more expensive. The issue is becoming worse as advertisements lose their effectiveness, making brand ambassador plan the best choice available when it comes to marketing initiatives.

The following are just a handful of the various methods for identifying the ideal brand ambassador:

4.1. Making an application form

Encouraging people to participate in the company’s ambassador program by asking them to apply to be brand ambassadors is a great way of finding your new campaign partners. The application forms for ambassadors usually help to increase the brand’s exposure and deliver the brand something concrete to market.

Brands should at the very least ensure that potential ambassadors disclose the following information:

  • Name and surname
  • Email address and contact details
  • Address and city of residence
  • Private social account details

An easier alternative is to build applications using an ambassador marketing platform, for example, Roster, which will then automatically gather the necessary data and upload it into a CRM.

4.2. Converting brand advocates from the brand’s website

The ideal location for your ambassador application is on your website.  Websites are the ideal medium for encouraging visitors to sign up as ambassadors. Simply post a link saying “Become an Ambassador” or “Join our Ambassador Team” in the website footer or header to attract new, potential business partners.

4.3. Sending a customer email announcing the ambassador program

The best place to locate brand advocates that are enthusiastic about you and your company is among your existing and former customers. These people are already fans since they buy and utilize your items, which is a clear indication that they enjoy your company. Simply thank previous clients for their business through a customized letter or an email, let them know about your brand ambassador program, and offer them to participate in your new campaign.

This customer-recruiting email could include the following details:

  • Engaging and catchy subject
  • An effective review of the brand’s marketing mission
  • Explanation of the brand’s ambassador campaign.
  • Invitation for the customers to join the team
  • A discount code for the brand’s products
  • Examination of other ambassador encouragements
  • CTA or advice for next steps


4.4. After-purchase email with invitations to the brand ambassador team


what is a brand ambassador


Sending an email following purchases is a useful strategy for promoting involvement in brand ambassador programs. The ambassador’s offer should be incorporated into an automated email sequence and made a part of your post-purchase marketing. The email should arrive in the customer’s inbox between two and fourteen days after they get their actual merchandise.

The following elements should be incorporated into this e-mail initiative:

  • The engaging and catchy subject line
  • Honest and friendly “thank you” note for the purchase
  • Introduction of the brand’s ambassador program
  • Offer to join the brand ambassador team
  • A discount code for loyal customers and future purchases
  • Examination of other ambassador initiatives
  • CTA’s


4.5. Posting on social media about the ambassador program

You have a robust brand audience on social media if you’ve put time and money into developing your social media strategy. Utilize your social network by telling your followers about the ambassador program. Inspire your followers to discover more and apply by posting links to your ambassador campaign and application website. Additionally, you may advertise your ambassador program on Instagram, inside your YouTube videos, and more. You can even make an eye-catching image and pin it to your Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook accounts.


5. How to choose the best brand ambassador?


what is a brand ambassador


When discussing what is a brand ambassador, we have to mention that the ideal brand ambassador may be selected in a variety of methods. Finding the ideal candidate might be difficult because this person will serve as the brand’s new face and public representative. Brands must comprehend what a brand ambassador must be and their main responsibilities, to choose the best one.

Here are some qualities that any brand ambassador needs to have:

5.1. A brand ambassador needs to have a genuine love for the company they represent

An ambassador must value your brand to enthusiastically tout the benefits of your offerings and compliment your business. An ambassador likes you so much that they wish to spread their excitement to others; this is the first and most obvious qualification. This criterion offers a starting point for understanding how to develop ambassadors: you must improve consumer happiness. You boost your chances of turning your consumers into brand ambassadors by doing all in your power to make sure they are as pleased as possible.

5.2. Brand ambassadors shouldn’t be a main part of the company

In the truest meaning of the phrase, an ambassador is first a customer, someone who uses and purchases your goods and services. Therefore, a true ambassador is someone who is not employed by the organization and who takes a dispassionate and personal approach. Of course, sales agents, community managers, media offices, and more generally anybody working for the firm whose job it is to promote the brand are automatically excluded from this.

5.3. A good brand ambassador should be a powerful individual


what is a brand ambassador


A genuine ambassador is a powerful figure with a sizable internet following. This is a crucial factor to consider while choosing ambassadors. An ambassador is frequently highly active on social media or runs a blog where your items are frequently featured. Nowadays, finding brand influencers online is rather simple. Simply enter the proper phrases into search engines, make use of hashtags, interact with your previous, devoted customers, or enlist the aid of an influencer marketing company.

5.4. Frequently, a brand ambassador works willingly

If ambassadors want to be taken seriously, they must maintain their objectivity. Professional brand ambassadors who are hired and compensated are not included in this. Your brand’s reputation might suffer greatly if a phony ambassador is exposed, and this can lead to a “negative attention” issue. This is not to imply that you can’t treat your ambassadors well by giving them gifts or access to VIP events.

5.5. An ambassador should engage closely with the brand

A meaningful conversation should happen between you and your ambassadors as well as between them and their audience. Ambassadors are people who are emotionally invested in your brand and are looking to communicate with you about their roles and interests. They provide you with consumer feedback and can propose methods to enhance your goods or services. People that build positive relationships with you and take an active interest in the company’s operations are called ambassadors.

5.6. A brand ambassador must be willing to take part in brand events

An ambassador is more than just a fan of your brand. They are mostly those who actively contribute to the development and marketing of your brand. Ambassadors should be engaged with the events put on by or centered around the company.  They should also actively seek out participation in any interactive initiatives you start.


6. Final Thoughts


what is a brand ambassador


When talking about what is a brand ambassador, we can sum it up by saying that brand ambassadors are professional individuals who are officially hired by companies to represent a brand and its message. They are typically hired by the company to spread awareness of the brand and connect with potential and current customers. Ambassadors often have a close relationship with the company and are passionate about its products or services.

Brand ambassadors can be extremely valuable for companies for a few reasons. Some of them include the following:

  • They build customer connections

First, they can help create a connection between the customer and the brand. This connection can be incredibly powerful because it can create loyalty to the brand and encourage customers to keep coming back.

  • They help with positive brand promotion

Additionally, brand ambassadors can help promote the brand authentically. When done correctly, this can create credibility for the brand and encourage people to trust it.

  • They build positive buzz around products

Finally, brand ambassadors can help create excitement around the brand and its products or services. This excitement can lead to more sales and more customers.

Overall, having a good ambassador program is essential for any company that wants to connect with its customers and create excitement around its brand. Ambassadors provide a personal connection to the company and help promote it authentically. They can help create loyalty among customers and encourage them to keep coming back for more.

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