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Influencer Event

Influencer Event – How to Organize One?


There is no right or wrong way how to organize an influencer event. The success of the event depends on multiple factors, such as:

–  Who are your target group?

– How many participants do you expect?

– How much budget do you have for this project?

Having a limited budget and low number of expected participants may significantly limit your influencer marketing campaign and turn it into an internal corporate event for your employees only. This is definitely not the idea behind an influencer marketing campaign! It’s all about leveraging existing networks and building new ones to make the word spread in our industry. This means that every single person who receives a personal invitation should in some way be able to help us in order to achieve our goals with this campaign. This includes building new relationships outside our own network, not only the word-of-mouth back to our group of employees or agency members.

The specific numbers you should be looking for will vary significantly depending on where your company’s at in its influencer marketing program development.


How to Organize an Influencer Event?


If you are just starting out with an influencer event targeting “new” stakeholders in your industry, you should expect a low number of participants, but make sure that they are decision makers! For example, if you are doing influencer marketing for travel agencies, invitations should go to key opinion leaders from top social media platforms & blogs in this industry, such as influential Instagrammers or Pinterest experts . On the other hand, if you have already established several influencers for your industry and now you want to scale the campaign, the right mix of influencers may be a low number of highly-engaged “influencers”, but add in some representatives from top media outlets (online press) and also celebrity endorsers.


Influencer Event Step 1 : Make it unique!


As much as people love to socialise at tradeshows, budgets are tight these days and trying something new can make or break attendance. From ice cream socials to pool parties, there are lots of ways to make your event unique.

For example, in 2016 our team hosted a summer party in the gorgeous rooftop bar at The Myriad Hotel in São Paulo, Brazil. It was a huge success, and we partnered with some of the top influencers from Brazil and Latin America to create an event that would generate tons of coverage. If you’re not sure whether something like this is possible for your next event (budget permitting!), ask around on Instagram or Facebook for suggestions.


Influencer Event


Influencer Event Step 2 : Invite influencers personally, not via email!


As much as we all love automated emails and easy-to-check lists , personal invites are still key when it comes to creating buzz at third-party events. Recipients will appreciate receiving a hand-written note (which can be digital, of course) with a bit of background information on why they should attend, and a personal invitation from you , the event’s host.

For example, you can write something like:

Hi Pat,

This is Jane Doe from Example Agency. We’re interested in working with you, and would love it if you could join us at our upcoming influencer event – there will be amazing speakers, drinks & good times! Would be great to meet up 🙂

Sincerely, Jane​”

As much as possible, try not to send more than 5-10 invitations per influencer (so don’t mass email) to keep things personal. Make sure your email subject line stands out so the influencers open the mail and read on! Finally, remember that having a live event is always better than connecting virtually via Skype or Google Hangout . In order to create a buzz around your brand online , potential influencers must be able to put a face to the name.


Influencer Event Step 3 : Collaborate with partners.


Another way of expanding your reach and creating a buzz around your event is by collaborating with other companies or brands . The idea here is to have everyone working together towards a single goal, which will encourage influencers from different areas within the industry to mix and create new relationships.

For example, as part of an influencer campaign for a global hotel chain , we created three micro-campaigns for social media platforms that were relevant to each group of influencers: travel bloggers/vloggers , Instagrammers & traditional press outlets . Of course, it goes without saying that partnerships always work better when they are built on mutual benefits!


Influencer Event Step 4 : Create a great incentive for influencers to attend.


Stuck on what kind of incentives might work? Try contests or giveaways that require attendees to have significant reach, e.g., 3rd prize might be an introduction to a celebrity endorser. This way you ensure you’ll get good attendance and audience engagement – the entire point of the influencer event!

For example, a fashion blogger might be more interested in a brand’s new sunglasses while a traditional press outlet would want to know about the company’s upcoming range of bags or watches.


Influencer Event Step 5 : Make sure it’s fun!


No one wants to go somewhere where they’ve got nothing in common with anyone else. To best succeed at creating organic relationships between guests, consider hosting your event in a location that offers entertainment alongside the chance for socialising, e.g., paintballing, bowling, etc.

For example, our “Exclusive After-Dinner at 8” event was held at a rooftop bar in São Paulo, Brazil. It gave everyone the chance to have dinner and enjoy the beautiful sunset over the city at night – an incredible experience!


Influencer Event


Influencer Event Step 6 : Why not spice up your influencer event with great music?


Nowadays most events will be filmed so you might as well get one step ahead by creating a mood or vibe through music. If it’s a corporate event, consider hiring a DJ who can remix current hits and ensure that attendees leave on a high note (literally). Whether it’s for work or play , having great music is integral to any good party.


Influencer Event Step 7 : Make it exclusive, yet comfortable!


If you want to ensure influencers will attend, don’t make them feel out of place by hosting your event at an all-inclusive conference resort or a country club. An ideal location would be something less formal – more like a house party where everyone can have fun and talk freely.


Influencer Event Step 8 :Keep the time frame short & sweet!


Influencer marketing events need to attract influential guests, but they also need to leave them with time for other engagements on their agenda, like meetings with brands at tradeshows or conferences in the same city. Two days might be too long; one day will give you better exposure during that time period.


Influencer Event Step 9 : Handout personalized swag bags!


Influencers care about their image and will always remember you if you give them something that captures who they are, e.g., “Golf influencers” get swag bags filled with golf balls or tees.


Influencer Event


Influencer Event Step 10 : Ensure there are good hosts!


Enlist the help of a few other brand marketers or an influencer marketing agency to host your event alongside your team – influence goes a long way in this industry, so people will feel more comfortable networking with other marketers than just being hosted by someone from marketing communications.


Influencer Event Step 11 : You need an excellent photographer & videographer onsite!


This is crucial for social posts once the event has ended. Your influencers will want to share images via Instagram Stories feeding into their own feeds the following day, so make sure you have the right equipment onsite to capture all the fun.


Influencer Event Step 12 : Don’t forget about live coverage!


Use Instagram or Facebook Live to go behind-the-scenes and give your audience an inside look at what it’s like at the influencer event – this will help you engage with existing fans, too. You never know who might be tuning in!


Influencer Event Step 13 :Consider adding an app to the mix!


Influencers are tech savvy, so why not use that tech savviness for your own benefit? There are some great apps out there these days that facilitate organic sharing between influencers at events without even having to leave their phones in their pockets. For example, LeWeb uses an app called Signal which displays a QR code allowing influencers to connect when within close proximity.


Influencer Event Step 14 : Remember that influencers are people, too!


If you’re working with several different groups of influencers, remember that each one may have its own needs and requirements. And because influencer marketing doesn’t end when your campaign does, always treat them as partners rather than targets .

For example, if you’re planning an event for a media outlet , it wouldn’t hurt to offer free access to other campaigns you have running at the same time so they can stay up-to-date on what’s going on with your business long after the initial meetup or conference is over.


Why are influencer marketing events so important?


The main purpose of influencer marketing events is usually to allow brands and influencers to interact with one another. This interaction can result in many outcomes, such as the development of brand ambassador relationships, the creation of sponsored content, or simply the generation of goodwill between the two groups.

There are a few reasons why influencer marketing events are essential. First, they provide a way for brands to target a specific audience. Influencers have built up trust and credibility with their followers, so by partnering with them, brands can reach a larger audience more effectively than they could through traditional advertising methods. Additionally, influencer marketing events provide an opportunity for brands to form relationships with influencers. These relationships can be beneficial in many ways: they can help generate new content ideas, increase brand awareness, and create opportunities for product endorsements.

Finally, influencer marketing events are a great way to generate goodwill among consumers. When done correctly, these events can make customers feel like they’re part of something special and that they’re getting insider access to exclusive information. This feeling can lead to increased loyalty and word-of-mouth marketing for the brand.

Influencer marketing events are also described as interactive and engaging gatherings or meetups that often cater to marketers and content creators who want to learn more about influencer marketing. They are a great way to build relationships, and target audiences, tap into new target markets, and establish positive branding. The events are often organized by influencer marketing platforms, agencies, or brands themselves. Sometimes the goal of influencer marketing events can be two-fold: first, to educate attendees on the basics of influencer marketing, and second, to help them build relationships with other professionals in the industry. This second goal is particularly important and more common, as it can help attendees learn from each other and form partnerships that can help them succeed in influencer marketing.

Brands can in particular benefit from influencer marketing events in many ways. For starters, they can gain a better understanding of what their target market wants and needs, how to best promote services and products, and how to stand out from the crowd. They can also learn about new tools and techniques for working with influencers and hear case studies from successful campaigns. In addition, brands can meet other professionals in the industry and collaborate on future projects.

Overall, influencer marketing events are a valuable resource for anyone looking to elevate their businesses and build strong community trust and confidence. Influencer marketing events without a doubt make it easier for marketers, brands, companies, and anyone interested, to get started with influencer marketing and grow their business.


Influencer Event: Final Thoughts

As with most marketing strategies, one size does not fit all. Do your research and discover the influencers in your own backyard before attempting to attract any national or international names – you’ll find that by doing so, you might even get a few local celebrities on your side!

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